The virtual world, like the physical world, is not one size fits all. Whether it’s the size of the meeting, the types of sessions, the branding, the registration, the follow-up, there are countless variations on the theme. Our mission is to offer you curated advice, opinion and best practices when it comes to creating the virtual side of your event business.

The VEG Group is fast becoming one of the most-visited comparison websites for Virtual Event Platforms. It a one-stop destination for event planners, trade organizations, solutions providers and virtual event platforms and accessories companies looking to list and find the best solutions.


Why you?

You have not wasted your pandemic daze. Instead, you’ve each moved the dial towards how we’ll do business in the future. And because we like you!


Why us?

For years, we’ve been bringing the smartest people in rooms together to tackle the tech world’s thorniest problems.


Why Bother?

Because misery loves company? No, seriously, a journey is a lot more fun when smart folks tackle it together. We can keep on top of the rapid fire tools and solutions together and even influence the solutions technologists are building for us to use.


What’s It Cost?

Nothing but 90 minutes of your time.


Will I be invited back?

We’re planning to meet twice a month, inviting speakers, showcasing demos and building experiences for your virtual viewing pleasure.


When is the event?

Tuesday, October 20 at 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT. This will be a one-hour meeting. Log in instructions to follow upon your acceptance.



Here at Solving for Tech we’re in the same global boat as the rest of you. We were just about to launch his new company and ….. BOOM. Corona hit.

Instead of business, as usual, we’re going to feature a series of special reports from ourselves, friends
and colleagues on how to stay sane and share the tech love during this rough, and unchartered period. Check back daily for tips on how tech can help.

Have thoughts, tips or musings on how to use tech to help keep us less isolated? Let us know.

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