About Solving For Tech

Since the days of the first PCs, tech has awakened a new set of human skills, birthed new economies, and provided tools that are now integral to life itself. But like all great inventions tech invites as much friction as it does greatness.

At Solving for Tech we’re here to pull at the threads and unravel tech’s truths. We do it with humor, with experience, and sizzle.

The Virtual Events Group

The virtual world, like the physical world, is not one size fits all. Whether it’s the size of the meeting, the types of sessions, the branding, the registration, the follow-up, there are countless variations on the theme. Our mission is to offer you curated advice, opinion and best practices when it comes to creating the virtual side of your event business. Our members include event planners, trade organizations, solutions providers and virtual event platforms and accessories. Think of us as being a virtual event space dedicated to helping you make your virtual event a success.


During the Covid19 crisis our job is to create a directory of all the ways to alleviate social isolation, and stay in touch. Big thanks to the artists, thought leaders, educators and more who’ve stepped up to the creative for you. Check out our guide.


Pandemic Fashion and Beauty: Does Reality Still Matter?

Pandemic Fashion and Beauty: Does Reality Still Matter?

We’re almost eight months into the pandemic lifestyle. That’s nearly long enough to complete a pregnancy and it’s certainly been long enough to make the screen our central “door” to the world. As we stare at our screens for a larger portion of each day, the lines...

The Beauty Industry Bows to the Pandemic Beast

The Beauty Industry Bows to the Pandemic Beast

Perfect Corporation combines computer imaging, AI, Augmented Reality, and a host of other technologies to provide a solution to beauty in the time of COVID. Let me take you back to a different time, a mere 6 months ago, when I could while away the hours at the local...

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