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written by Alfred Poor
11 · 08 · 20

Some virtual event platforms have recently joined the competition, but 6Connex proudly boasts about its 100% proprietary V7 software. According to the company’s website, they have hosted more than 20 million hours of attendee interaction. Past clients include United Way, Roll-Royce, Unilever, Salesforce, Infosys, and Amway. The cloud-based service is capable of handling just about the full range of online events: conferences, webinars, education systems, and trade shows.

One key aspect of the platform is that it is browser-based. Organizers can configure the entire platform within a browser window, and the components are broadly customizable. You can use any of their many templates or provide your own static backgrounds for your virtual event. The event configuration does not have to be locked prior to the start, so you can even make changes while the event is live. And attendees do not have to install anything; they can access events in their browsers. The platform starts by presenting attendees with a lobby, from which they can access different rooms. You can use different types of rooms: auditorium, break-out rooms, lounge/resource center, meeting room, or exhibit hall. You can also have more than one of a certain type of room. For example, the exhibit hall is limited to 50 booths, but you can have a second (or third) exhibit hall if you want.

Your events can include both live and on-demand sessions, and you can organize the program into tracks with multiple sessions in each one. There are 1-to-1 and group text chat features, and they include a feature that will automatically translate them into other languages which is a handy feature for international audiences. In the exhibit booths and other places, you can configure resource lists that attendees can either view or place in a digital briefcase to view or download later. This feature supports PDF, audio, and video files, as well as external links. And the platform has a rich lounge feature that promotes networking and other forms of attendee engagement. It also encourages engagement with gamification features and a posted leaderboard.

Under the hood, 6Connex has some attractive features. It has its own registration system including email drips to boost attendance, or you can integrate with third party registration systems. The system also provides extensive data on individual attendee behavior tracking. The platform includes a series of tests to verify that your computer system has the required features to support the virtual events. The 6Connex system does not have everything. For example, it appears that two-way audio or video chat functions require integration with other services. Also, the marquee at the top of every screen appears to show the number of attendees at the entire event and in the attendee’s current room. As an organizer, this data might be more revealing that I would want to share in some cases. If this can’t be turned off in the configuration settings, this could be a shortcoming for some. It is also not possible to provide an evaluation of the platform’s overall value as the company does not post any pricing information on their website.In sum, the 6Connex platform appears to be full-featured and robust, with enough flexibility to handle just about any virtual event.

Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor is a technology speaker and writer with an international reputation. Over the past forty years, he has covered a range of industries from personal computers to displays to health technology. He was a Contributing Editor with PC Magazine for more than 22 years and was on the masthead of at least a half dozen other major computer and technology magazines. A graduate of Harvard College, he is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books, including titles from Microsoft Press and Addison-Wesley. He has built his career on his skill at making complex concepts accessible to people, through the written word as well as on-site and online events.



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