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written by Alfred Poor
11 · 09 · 20

Many virtual event platforms come from stand-alone companies that have a single focus. INXPO is an exception. It is part of Intrado, a large corporation that also provides enterprise collaboration, digital media, life and safety services, and more. It should come as little surprise then that INXPO delivers acomplex and robust virtual events platform used by major enterprises including 3M, AWS, AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco, IEEE, CNBC, IBM, Dell, and Disney.

The system supports more than 200,000 concurrent attendees, so it can handle the largest online events. It includes a full range of features starting with an integrated registration system to granular analytics by attendee that you can access in real time. And because it is browser based, everything from event configuration to attendee participation is done in a browser window without requiring any plug-ins or other software installation.

One measure of its breadth of features is the variety of types of “room” available. You can have the following room types:

· Lobby 
· Auditorium/Theater
· Resource Center
· Sponsor Space
· Exhibit Hall
· User Profile
· Help Desk
· Networking Lounge
· Activity Badge Center
· Games
· Meeting Room
· Prize Center
· Feedback Surveys
· See Who’s Here

You can have a conference-style event with multiple tracks, each of which can contain multiple sessions. Attendees can build their own personalized agenda for the event. All live events are automatically recorded to make them available for replay if desired. And the platform includes gamification features including puzzles and badges to help encourage attendee engagement.

The agenda shows some of the limitations of the platform. You can schedule live and recorded sessions, and it supports multiple presenters as a panel discussion, but it’s a single-track program. It does not support multiple tracks or simultaneous sessions. Attendees can choose to receive a notification when a specific event is about to start.

Group and 1-to-1 text chat is available during sessions, but there does not appear to be any interactive audio or video chat options available for attendees. The networking lounge also allows you to arrange virtual meetings and 1-to-1 text chats with other attendees. You have access to the names, positions, and companies for all the other registrants, and can send them an email within the platform. (You don’t get access to their email address.) You can also opt to share your “business card” with contact information.

The exhibit hall features are sparce. You have a choice of different booth templates, but you are limited to what can be presented. The typical configuration is to have a recorded video play when an attendee first visits the booth, and then a group text chat window opens. The booth can contain PDF or Microsoft Word files to view or download, and visitors can also open videos hosted on YouTube. You can configure the booth to show the roster of company staff involved with the booth.

The platform does include analytics, but the website does not give details about what information is tracked.

As with some other platforms, the page header shows the number of attendees to a visitor, as well as the number in that particular location such as an auditorium or lounge. As an organizer, this is a feature that I would want to be able to turn off, especially for exhibit booths. I would not want to broadcast the fact that one function or another was not getting much engagement, especially for paid exhibitors.

The site does not offer any pricing information. All contracts are based on custom quotes.

In the end, Vconfex ticks most of the boxes but it does not appear to offer the depth and breadth of configuration options that you get with some other choices. This may be totally sufficient for your event plans, so it would remain to find out the pricing in order to judge the value of the offering.

Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor is a technology speaker and writer with an international reputation. Over the past forty years, he has covered a range of industries from personal computers to displays to health technology. He was a Contributing Editor with PC Magazine for more than 22 years and was on the masthead of at least a half dozen other major computer and technology magazines. A graduate of Harvard College, he is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books, including titles from Microsoft Press and Addison-Wesley. He has built his career on his skill at making complex concepts accessible to people, through the written word as well as on-site and online events.



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