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Since the early days of the first PCs, tech has awakened a new set of human skills, birthed new economies and provided tools that are now integral to life itself. At Solving for Tech, following the tech trajectory (hint: it’s not a straight line) has been our business for the past 40 years. Now, it’s time to let our experience get to work for you.

Robin Raskin has been a tech influencer since 1984 when she wrote a True Confessions column for InfoWorld predicting that women’s lives would be radically changed by the advent of personal computing.

From that moment she jumped on the tech train, first as the editor of PC Magazine, the editor in chief and publisher of FamilyPC, and one of the founding editors of Yahoo!Tech. For the past twelve years she built a series of successful conferences and events exploring what it means to be digital in a variety of vertical market slices like Health, Beauty, Kids, Families, Fitness, Wearables and more.* She’s served on government initiatives, written a few books, and has been featured on just about every major TV and radio broadcast.

A Seasoned Analysis

“You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” said the prophetic Bob Dylan. “But it sure helps if you’ve got an industry rolodex built from the movers and shakers of the technology revolution. History informs the future, “ says Robin Raskin.

In our series of blogs, podcasts, videos and newsletters, speeches and events we’ll want to serve as your guides. Technology is no longer an afterthought. It is as plentiful as the air we breathe (and potentially as harming) too.

*CES acquired the company in 2020

What We Do

  • Create customized programs that focus on the intersection of technology and humanity
  • Create experiential touchpoints that infuse technology into traditional lines of business so that they can continue to expand their reach.
  • Create media activations that are unique the journey of “solving for tech”

Our Unique Skill Set

  • We’ve learned to read the tech tea leaves, predicting hot new areas of growth before anyone sees them coming.
  • Our rolodex is bigger than the old NYC Yellow Pages
  • Our style is collaborative, customer-centric and results oriented
  • Our secret sauce is a deep-rootedness in all things tech including social media and press relations, and creating thoughtful narratives to help the tech industry excel.
Fashion and Beauty

Our Clients

Here at Solving for Tech we’re in the same global boat as the rest of you. We were just about to launch his new company and ….. BOOM. Corona hit.

Instead of business, as usual, we’re going to feature a series of special reports from ourselves, friends
and colleagues on how to stay sane and share the tech love during this rough, and unchartered period. Check back daily for tips on how tech can help.

Have thoughts, tips or musings on how to use tech to help keep us less isolated? Let us know.

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